3 Tips for Better Search Ads

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On Monday, we discussed using paid search marketing to advertise to consumers who may be searching for the products or services that your company offers. And so, it seemed fitting to spend today addressing the question, “How do I create high-quality search ads”.

First, let’s address what makes a high-quality search ads in the first place. We define success in paid search marketing using a number of different metrics. You measure the number of clicks, the cost per click, the click through rate (percent of people who click on a given ad they are shown), and the conversion rate (percent of people who perform a desired action after clicking on the ad).

But when attempting to improve the quality of the search ad itself, it’s really all about the CTR, the click through rate. For all the people that were exposed to your ad, how many of them clicked on it. A good ad gets more people to click on it.

With that in mind, here are three tips for writing better search ads:

  1. Use the search terms in the ad. You can add them in dynamically or create a lot of different ads for each set of keywords, but it’s important that you use the search terms in your ads. Searchers are looking for something specific, that’s why they used the words they did when they searched. So showing those terms back to them in your ad will help capture their attention and ensure you have what they’re looking for.
  2. Explain the “why”. Give the searcher a reason to click on your ad. What will they get when they do? Why should they click on your ad and not someone else’s? Use the limited space you’re given to tell searchers exactly what they will get when they click on your ad. It gives them the reason they’re looking for to take the next step.
  3. Use numbers. You should include your phone number in all search ads, especially for mobile searches, where a phone call is the easiest action for any searcher to take. But outside of phone numbers, including dollar amounts or percentages, prices or number of products, is a good idea. Numbers in ads get people to click more than an ad without any numbers. This has been proven in study after study.

Better ads will get more clicks. More clicks should lead to more conversions. So if you want to improve the ROI on your paid search advertising, start by writing better ads.

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