Navdy is Google Glass for the car

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Google Glass is the most notable piece of tech that’s set to bring head-up display (HUD) to pedestrians, and we’ve already seen Ride:HUD provide similar handsfree capabilities to motorbike riders. Now Navdy is a HUD for car owners, helping them to keep their eyes on the road while remaining connected.

Navdy can be used with any car, and takes the form of a small device with a transparent display that is attached to the dashboard. Using Bluetooth LE, it connects to users’ smartphones and works with a number of popular apps, including phone and messages, Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify. Drivers can display directions to their destination on the device, while also getting social notifications. If drivers want to concentrate on the road rather than take a call, Navdy also uses voice commands and gesture detection that enable users to interact without pressing buttons or diverting their attention. For example, an unwanted call can simply be waved away, while text messages can be dictated. As well as social utilities, Navdy can display car diagnostics.

Watch the video below to learn more about the device:

Navdy is available to pre-order from USD 299 through Crowdtilt, with a full retail price of USD 499. Are there other areas of life where HUDs could prove useful?