Mobile Retailing is it the Future?

2 minute read

As mobile devices become increasingly available, shoppers are grabbing their phones or tablets to research products and make purchases. In fact, 1/4 of consumers only do shopping via mobile, and not everyone has a desktop any more. That’s why having a mobile-friendly website or mobile app available for download is necessary for the success of your eCommerce site. 

Responsive Web design has become the focus as more people browse from devices, all of which have different screen sizes and resolutions. However, most store owners aren’t programming their own websites. Instead, you might use software that allows you to easily add your products, update stock and process payments even if you’re not technologically savvy.

EPOS, short for electronic point of sale, is one of those tools. One of the features of EPOS is an online ordering system that allows consumers to make their purchases without ever picking up the phone. It is ideal for restaurants and other local businesses that want local customers to have the ability to order online. Features of EPOS include the ability to create and tailor email lists to particular customers, send invoices, calculate shipping charges and even allow discounts on orders. The ability to schedule repeat orders can also help your company’s bottom line. Many store owners like the ability to view a customer’s order history, too.

If your business has existing software, you may be able to integrate EPOS into that program. Automated audio and lighting systems are among those that are compatible with EPOS software, so you can control every aspect from one location. No special hardware is required ; it’s all dependent upon software. Plus, if you’re on the run, it provides mobile access to all your company’s data.

EPOS has specialised software for salons and spas, retailers and bars and restaurants. You can request a free trial of retail POS software if you think this solution might work for your company.

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