The Mobile Monster Is Gobbling Up All Other Platforms

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The Mobile Monster Is Gobbling Up All Other Platforms image smartphone 300x199The Mobile Monster Is Gobbling Up All Other PlatformsAccording to a recent study by Business Insider in which the future of digital is examined, mobile is the only medium that is growing. Here is their chart.

It’s true, then. That little purple bar says a lot, and when it comes to mobile, it’s loud and clear. Mobile is gobbling up other platforms, but this is one monster you shouldn’t be afraid of. Instead, marketers should embrace mobile as a shiny new cog in the marketing machine. Here are some reasons marketers should love the growth of mobile and how they can implement it into their campaigns.

Mobile Makes Your Content More Shareable

As we all know, content is king, and content is extremely shareable when viewed on a mobile device. 60% of Twitter’s 215 million active users access the social sharing platform via mobile device, so when your content is seen on a mobile device, there’s the chance that it will be tweeted, Liked, etc. more frequently and will ensure your content gets in front of more eyeballs. The concept of virality is often strived for and rarely achieved, but these days it will never be achieved at all if mobile isn’t involved in some way.

Users Searching on Mobile Are More Likely to Call Your Business

A study done on behalf of Google revealed that 70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from search results. In fact, 43% of all e-commerce transactions that begin with a web search end with a telephone call. It makes sense, after all: their phone is already in their hand and the phone number or click to call is right there. Given the fact that 65% of merchants and vendors say that a phone call is the most valuable lead they can receive, this habit of mobile users of making phone calls means good things for your business. The onus, however, is on you to make this interaction possible: put phone numbers on all your content. Put phone numbers in your PPC ads. Put phone numbers on each page of your website. Mobile users are quick to call, but they’re also quick to navigate to another page—and another business—if tracking down a way to reach you is too difficult. Make it easy for them and they’ll make it easy for you.

Mobile’s growth is indicative of the changing landscape of digital, and marketing in general. The way customers want to learn about your business is changing, and rather than resist what is clearly a growing trend—the chart shows an 8% increase in mobile from 2012 to 2013—it is wise to embrace the future and get your business on board before it’s too late. You can learn more now by downloading our free white paper, Marketing to Smartphone Users: New Mobile Strategies for Driving Sales

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