The Omni-Channel Retail Marketer of the Future

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It’s no secret that the growth of digital technology is shaping our buying behavior. The retail marketer of the future has to make decisions that are either ahead or behind his/her customer. Talk about pressure.

Retail marketing alone is a tough gig in the digital age. Customer acquisition is always a challenge and knowing where to put marketing dollars has some of the largest brands baffled. Add a layer of constant shifting buyer behavior, and it’s sure to make even the best marketer sweat.

Marketers are smart but shoppers are smarter.

Buyers have a leg-up. They, or we, have become sophisticated and elusive enough to dodge even big brands. We live in a world full of data, access to information has made us pensive.

Who is the omni-channel shopper?

The shopper of today is in complete control of how and where she buys. Shoppers have a multitude of options on where they start their buyer journey.

According to Think with Google, “71% of shoppers who use smartphones for research in-store say that it’s become an important part of the experience”.

Shoppers can access product in-store or online, they can use their mobile app to purchase, shop from a catalog or ask their friends about what’s hot and what’s new.

No marketer is safe from the omni-channel shopper.

Successful retail marketers are adapting to the shopper of today.

Since digital is touching nearly every step of the buyer’s journey, successful marketers are adjusting.

Here is what you can do:

  • Top retailers have mobile responsive websites.
  • Make online contact and checkout forms simple and effective.
  • Start tracking the interactions each customer has with your business. This way you can market to them at the right time.

Shoppers are busy. I may really want those black stilettos that are sitting in my online cart. However, my baby started crying, and well I got distracted. Sure I would appreciate an email from you reminding me about my stilettos with maybe even an offer for free shipping. Consider using tools like Kissmetrics that make this level of marketing intelligence possible.

Can the marketer of today keep up with the shopper of tomorrow? Absolutely. It’s all about maintaining a seamless shopping experience. Omni-channel marketing is here to stay and buyers are driving it.

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