3 Ways Art Improves Your Business

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Is art necessary or just icing on the cake? It’s your product or service that really makes the difference and sets you apart right? Does art add any real measurable value to your business? I believe art improves your business in at least three basic ways.

1. Art Adds Pleasure

What’s the first thing you do when you move into a new home or office? My guess is start painting, decorating, and adding pictures to the wall. In other words, you start adding art. Without art things just appear drab and lifeless. Even if you’re not an art lover, you have a built in appreciation for beauty and ascetics. You may not know what makes art good or bad, but you know it when you see it.

It could be argued that good design goes unnoticed. The theory is that good design is like light. You don’t pay much attention to the light itself, but rather to what the light is illuminating. So to good design goes virtually unnoticed and the content, be it a service or product, is highlighted. While that might be true, I would say bad design is like fingernails on a chalkboard, good design goes unnoticed, but great design makes you say “wow!” and goes viral.

High Quality professional artwork is pleasant to look at. Therefore people will enjoy looking at it and even look at it longer than they would if it were poorly done. That means great artwork can make people stay on your website longer, watch more of your video, and read your blog post to the end. The same conclusion can be drawn for poorly done artwork. People will be turned off, unplug, and leave quicker if what they are experiencing isn’t pleasing to their senses. Well-crafted art, be it the written word, pictures, video, or sound; could mean the difference between someone clicking on your ad or clicking on your competitor’s ad.

2. Art Adds Professionalism

Design, branding, style, theme; all of these parts add up to a single impression you give people when they come to your website or see your marketing material out in the world. When that happens, you want to leave a good impression. So how do you control what people think when they think of your company?

The answer is with your art. If your art isn’t top notch people will assume that your business isn’t top notch. How will your prospects know you are a cutting edge business if your website design looks like it came out of the 1990’s?  How will people know you deliver top dollar consultation if you spent little to know money on your advertising? What separates you from your competitors if you’re all using the same stock photos?

As a commercial artist, I can tell you there is a double standard when it comes to art. People don’t wan to spend very much on their artwork, but the want it to look god and professional. When it some sot launching a new product line or ad campaign, art budgets are generally the smallest line item on the list. When a project starts to go over budget, the art budget is often the first thing companies start chopping.

Even if art is seen as “extra fluff” for some companies. It speaks volumes about how your company is doing if you are spending enough money on your art to do it right. If you have that much

Can you think of a single Forbes 500 company that has poorly done artwork?

3. Art Adds Clarity

Art has been around longer than the written word. Ancient civilizations didn’t always have a written form of communication but they have always had art. Archeologists have learned vast amounts of knowledge from a civilizations art.  What people wore, what they ate, what daily life was like can all be studied and translated universally because some hunter thousands of years ago started painting in caves.

Art has a way of taking the most complex of ideas and simplifying them into form that is easy to understand. This is one of the reasons explainer videos have become so popular. Explainer videos make it easy for people to understand your product or service and what separates you from the rest of the pack. If you can do that, you are well on your way to making a sale.

Think of a word void of any type of charts or graphs. How would anyone be able to communicate clearly any statistical information? It would be virtually impossible to do. Image you were on the receiving end of a presentation that lacked any art. Within five minutes you would be confused, bored, and extremely frustrated.

Art is a powerful tool that adds to the pleasures of our personal lives, but it also adds real value to our business branding and our organizations. In a world of budget cuts and price slashing you might want to reconsider the impact art has on your business and budget accordingly.

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