Internet Marketing Optimization: Squeeze More Leads From Your Website

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In the continuously evolving landscape of internet marketing, landing pages have been consistently used to generate leads and increase conversion.

Internet marketing best practices on conversion optimization and landing pages have changed over the years, but today, more than ever, landing pages are valuable tools in anyone’s internet marketing repertoire — if they know what they’re doing.

Score more often when you tweak your internet marketing for better conversion rates

Understandably, business owners aren’t experts in internet marketing or design or copywriting, but luckily, some straightforward tweaks on your website landing pages can squeeze more leads from your internet marketing efforts:

Lead generation tweaks: The Offer

There are two facets of your offer where you can drill down and make small changes with significant impact in your overall internet marketing campaign:

Submission forms – are standard fair when it comes to landing pages and lead generation. After all, your internet marketing campaign is all about lead capture and submission forms do that perfectly — except when they don’t.

There are nuances in your submission forms that you need to pay close attention to:

  • Is it positioned below the fold? You want your forms visible and accessible.
  • Is it too long? Avoid the temptation of knowing everything about your lead on your “first date.” Back to internet marketing best practises: start with the basics and then fill your database using progressive profiling during lead nurturing.
  • Are the questions open-ended? Internet marketing metrics show that mixture of multiple choice radio buttons, drop down lists and free text provide the best results. You can’t account for all the possible answers to all the questions.
  • Does the form work the way you want? Is it working? Does it send information where it’s supposed to send? Always double check the reliability of your forms. A change in your landing page code or settings can affect your forms.

The relevance of the offer – There’s no doubt that you know what you’re offering, but is it relevant to who you’re targeting? For instance, if your landing page was meant to be found online via search, are you targeting the right keywords?

On the other hand, if the landing page is accessible via promotional blog post, are you confident the blog post is relevant to the offer, and drives qualified potential leads to your landing page?

Lead generation tweaks: The Copy

There are two quintessential facets to consider:

The calls to action – Your CTAs should always be present and should never be generic. Don’t use the boring old “click here” or “submit now” CTAs on your buttons or links. Here’s an easy to follow formula:

Value proposition + relevance + urgency = good CTA

So ditch the generic ones and use CTAs like: “Download your limited offer buying guide now.” One last thing: be specific with your verbs.

Persuasion – Persuasive internet marketing copy is an art, and usually executed perfectly by only the most skilled copywriters. You can, however, follow some simple guidelines to become more persuasive on your own:

  • Talk about advantages, not features
  • Always frame your perspective with a question: “What’s in it for me?” — “me” being the customer
  • Show, don’t tell — images can come in handy if you’re naturally terse with words

Let’s talk about more tips in a following blog post!

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