What’s New With Facebook?

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In my opinion, Facebook is one of the most evolutionary entities on the planet. And yes, I used the term “entity”, because Facebook, in my opinion, is a living, breathing force.

Anyways, back to the evolution of Facebook. There’s constant changes and updates, all with the intention of improving the user experience. But there’s also changes to improve the marketing side of Facebook, and we’d like to discuss a few we’ve recently seen roll out.

Messenger For Business

The messenger platform has changed quite a bit lately, including the ability to build apps to integrate with messenger. Recently announced during the annual F8 developers’ conference was the idea of moving business to messenger. This will allow users to connect with a business during the sales cycle. They can ask questions about ordering, receive updates on an order status and shipping status and more.

This is a great strategy for those customers who want quick-time response, instead of using the old Q&A section or sending an email and waiting for a reply. Instead, the user can simply connect with the business on Facebook and type in a message and expect a quick response.

Sharing Videos

Facebook is constantly trying to think of ways to compete with the big video sites like YouTube. Unfortunately, Facebook got a late start on the video platform, and as a result, it’s fallen behind. However, Facebook recently announced that it will provide the ability to share Facebook videos easily onto other sites. Prior to this, Facebook videos were strictly only shared on Facebook. This is big for marketers and for general users, and it should close the gap on the bigger video sites.

Product Ads

It’s always been a challenge to present all of your products on ads within Facebook. If you’ve got a lot of products, it simply wasn’t an option to showcase all of them…until now. Facebook recently launched new product ads, which will allow a business to showcase different products that they see fit, showcase an entire catalog or showcase particular individual products along with an entire catalog.

This is a big game changer as advertisers can reach people who recently visited their site, highlight products that are best sellers and more.

Keeping Up

These are just a few of the new features Facebook is rolling out. It can often be difficult to keep up with all the new features. I would suggest finding a few sites that talks specifically about Facebook and social media updates. Learn what’s coming out and give them a try. You never know what will produce results unless you give it a whirl.

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