Dating site makes members promise to be faithful

< 1 min read · 6 years ago


Photo: John Chapple, The New York Post

The mechanisms of online dating platforms often breed anxieties to do with potential infidelities — users can’t help but be aware of other prospective partners in their midst, which could understandably put off those who have been hurt by cheating in the past. Now, Fidelity Dating is a dating site aimed specifically at those who have been cheated on or betrayed in the past and are nervous about dating again.

Fidelity Dating works like any other dating site, except that before users can register and create a profile, they must first sign a unique contract in which they promise that they are single, and pledge to be faithful and honest with other members. The site links potential matches, all of whom have experienced some kind of infidelity and therefore have an understanding of the insecurities it can generate and the necessity for complete honesty and commitment.

Fidelity Dating is currently offering free trial memberships to early enrollers and will eventually cost USD 30 per month. Are there still more subgroups who could be catered for by niche dating sites?


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