Smart mirror continuously redirects sunlight into dark corners

2 min read · 6 years ago



The benefits of sunlight is widely known, and we have seen a number of devices — such as a fake window and smart LED light — help those who spend a lot of time indoors get their daily dose of vitamin D. Now, Lucy is a smart adaptive mirror that uses robotics to follow the sun throughout the day, in order to redirect sunlight to any chosen area.

Lucy is a portable, white globe, which uses an algorithm based on smartly positioned photosensors to continuously redirect sunlight into the home. Users first place Lucy in a spot with a view of the sun. Then, they point its ‘nose’ towards the ceiling of the room they want to illuminate. The mirror inside the device then redirects the sunlight to the ceiling, which cause the light to spread out and illuminate the room. As the sun moves throughout the day, the mirror repositions itself in order to provide a continuous stream of light into the desired spot.


Created by Italian startup Solenica, Lucy is entirely solar powered, it has no wires and never needs to be charged, so it can lead to energy savings for users who are able to switch off some of their electric lighting. It can be even be placed outside on a patio or balcony, since it is rain and snow proof. Lucy is currently available to preorder for USD 199. How else could smart technology be used to maximize people’s exposure to sunlight?


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