Modular plant pots create vertical gardens in the home

2 min read · 7 years ago



Living in the city has its downsides as well as its perks, but one of them is the lack of green space and, for many, not having access to a garden. It’s for this reason that hydroponics — which enables plants to grow without soil — has become so popular in urban environments. We’ve previously written about Italy’s DesignLibero, a miniature hydroponic rotary garden that’s small enough to fit on a shelf, and now Citysens is using the technology alongside an innovative modular design that lets homeowners create their own vertical gardens indoors.

The system consists of a base that contains the hydroponic technology needed to give the plants the nutrients and water they need. Rather than soil, the pots use rockwool and peach pits, as well as irrigation technology that sends the nutrients upwards. Individual plant pot modules can then be attached one on top of the other to create a tower, with each plant receiving everything it needs to survive with minimal interaction from owners. As well as making it easier to keep plants in a city apartment, the system also helps those with little space to maximize the greenery in their home, improving both air quality and atmosphere.


Watch the video below to learn more about how Citysens works:

The company also delivers a variety of plants that work well with the system and come in a variety of colors that can brighten up small spaces. The company was accepting pre-orders for the kit for EUR 120 via Indiegogo, although the campaign ended without reaching its target. Are there other ways to make cities greener?


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