Monitoring system enables science labs to join the internet of things

< 1 min read · 6 years ago



Scientific research is incredibly data-heavy and, no matter the field, progress is inevitably slowed down by the time-consuming process of manually inputting results and findings. Now, an ‘Internet of Instruments’ from startup Tetrascience could help to drastically improve scientists’ productivity, by retro-fitting scientific instruments with remote monitoring capacities, which record data as they go.

Tetrascience provide research labs with the capacity to connect their existing equipment — from laboratory freezers to syringe pumps to oscilloscopes — to the cloud, enabling scientists to monitor and control their experiments remotely via a dashboard on their smartphone or computer, without interrupting their workflow. The system includes sensors, to monitor real-time temperature, humidity or other changes and cameras to provide visual monitoring of experiments, as well as adapters, timers and more. All the equipment is connected to the TetraScience Link, which is a hardware module that connects to the web via wifi or ethernet. Researchers can also opt to receive status alerts, informing them of vital or problematic changes.

All the data collected is automatically uploaded and stored in the cloud — creating a much more efficient workplace — and work can be easily shared with other team members. Are there other workplaces that could be given a smart makeover?


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