Platform lets anyone become a newsletter creator

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Most inboxes are a mess of unread and unwanted emails, with glimmers of brilliance hidden among a deluge of useless information. Looking to cut down on the number of newsletter subscriptions it often takes to uncover the hidden gems of the internet, RefreshBox enables people to subscribe to or curate weekly newsletters, containing five links to professional reads from topics they are interested in.

To begin, potential readers browse the platform for themed newsletters that interest them. All of the newsletters listed are curated by other users. There are newsletters about the most exciting accelerators, for example, or newsletters with the best free stock photos, or the hottest crowdfunding pearls. Users simply subscribe via email, Facebook or Google+, and they will receive the weekly dose of interesting links. Making a newsletter is equally simple: curators create a profile, containing a short description of what they will share, and their newsletter will be listed on the site. They then curate and share their favorite links on a weekly basis.

Are their other ways to get interesting, relevant information into the right inboxes?