App lets travelers order fresh food to take on the plane

2 min read · 6 years ago



There are certainly some travelers that like airline meals, some even love it enough to have it delivered to their homes, but for everyone else AirGrub is a new app that helps passengers swap their tray of questionable meat and potatoes for an array of fresh food options. The app enables customers to order carry-on meals from any restaurant in the airport — so far it is operating in airports in San Francisco, Boston and New York — and pick them up before boarding.


To begin, customers download the free app and enter their travel details — including airport and airline and what time they want to pick up their order. Then a list of nearby restaurants pops up. The user can browse the menus, place an order and pay for their meal all within the app. They simply show their boarding pass at the restaurant and collect their order before getting on the plane.

All the prices on AirGrub are the same as in-house — the startup takes a percentage off the total bill in exchange for sending customer’s towards their partner eateries. The startup is likely to expand to other cities including Los Angeles soon. Could a similar service be offered at other busy terminals such as train stations?


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