Browser addon automatically saves websites that make the viewer smile

2 min read · 6 years ago



Until now, internet users have had to rely on their own bookmarking habits to ensure that they can revisit the web’s funniest cat videos on demand, but now, a Google Chrome extension called Smile Suggests is offering to take over page-saving duties: the add-on watches the viewer while they watch the screen and automatically saves any webpage that makes them smile or laugh.

We have already seen webcams and facial recognition software used by Virool and Optimeyes to help advertisers better understand their audience’s tastes and reactions, and now Smile Suggest — created by Martin McAllister — gives that power to the viewer as well. To begin, users download the free add-on from the Chrome webstore. Smile Suggest then connects to the viewer’s webcam and uses the clmtrackr javascript emotion detection program to identify when something they see makes them happy or amused. Users can adjust the size of smile needed to cause the program to save a page. The user can then browse their saved pages and suggest them to friends via their preferred social media sites.


Are there other playful ways of using facial recognition to help users interact with the web more seamlessly?