Sales prospect platform lists thousands of restaurants before they open

2 min read · 6 years ago



It takes an average of 15 minutes for a dedicated sales rep to generate a quality sales lead, which they do by manually scouring the small business landscape. Now, a new platform called Open Soon promises to automate the process — providing businesses with approximately 1600 prospects a month, or around the output of two full time employees, for a fraction of the price — enabling sales teams to focus on engagement and sales.

Open Soon is a tool for any business selling to restaurants or bars, which discovers potential customers pre-opening by continuously processing data. That data comes from a variety of sources, including legal filings, government documents, trade journals and other private sources. Users sign up for a monthly subscription of tips which are accessible via desktop, tablet or smartphone. The platform provides users with validated contact information, often of owners, GMs and partners — 75 percent of leads include the name of decision makers — saving clients a great deal of time and research.


Full membership costs USD 70 per month and includes weekly updates of leads for the entire US. Smaller companies can sign up for a single US region and receive up to 500 openings per month for USD 20 per week. Open Soon focuses on independent openings and small regional chains which are much more likely to be converted into business for the client.

Open Soon will be launching a similar service for upcoming retail stores later this month. Are there other uses for this pooled resource?