Crowdsourced bicycle courier service in Amsterdam

2 min read · 6 years ago



For the eco-conscious city dweller, sharing a scooter ride or carpooling lifts for heavy cargo are both steps in the right direction — but crowdsourcing delivery services from nearby cyclists is even better. Enabling users to do just that is TringTring, the Amsterdam based app which will deliver shopping, packages and food by bicycle in under 60 minutes.


TringTring is available to both businesses and individuals, and anyone can sign up to be a Tringer — getting paid EUR 5 per job to deliver packages and messages on their own bike, in their own time. Amsterdam businesses can link their online shop to the platform so that customers can place an order for bicycle delivery. When an app user places an order or puts out a request, nearby Tringers are alerted and, if they can make the delivery in the next hour, they nominate themselves for the job. All the relevant details are passed onto the courier and all payments are processed within the app.

TringTring is currently operating in Beta and has already signed up 20 small retailers. Would this system work in other cities?


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