Glowing polar bear helps families improve their energy usage

2 min read · 6 years ago



We have seen a number of devices — such as Smappee and Eva — which help consumers monitor their energy usage and become more eco-friendly. Hyko is a new system from the Netherlands which goes a step further, by getting the kids involved too.


The Hyko Polar Bear is an energy monitoring device which aims to teach the next generation the importance of being energy aware, by educating them about climate change. The system combines a cute, glowing monitor — designed in the form of a polar bear — with a 33-page interactive adventure app for smartphone or tablet which tells the story of Hyko, the energy hero. Hyko glows twenty different shades from white, through blue, to red, indicating how energy efficient the household are being: when the bear glows red, the family know its time to get more green. The accompanying app provides more details about the users’ energy consumption, so they can adapt their behaviors.


Hyko is currently crowdfunding on Doorgaan, where backers can pre-order a full package — which includes the Hyko bear, sensors and the Hyko Adventure app — for a reduced price of EUR 99. The system is expected to retail at EUR 199 from this winter. Could other eco-aware devices be adapted to help educate and inspire children about their purpose?


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