Sunburnt dolls encourage kids to put on sunscreen

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Kids hate applying sunscreen — it interrupts valuable playtime which could be much better spent splashing around in the ocean. With that in mind, cosmetics company Nivea have launched a sun sensitive doll which will raise awareness about the importance of UV protection, by mimicking the effects of the sun on the doll’s exposed ‘skin’.

The dolls were created in collaboration with FCB Brazil. They are coated with a UV-sensitive material which causes them to blush bright red when exposed to the sun — unless, of course, they are covered in sunscreen. The dolls were handed out to families on the beaches of Brazil, along with Nivea Sun Kids cream. Children simply apply the cream to the doll to protect it from the sun, and in doing so become accustomed to the ritual themselves.


We recently saw the Shadow Wifi System lure beach-goers out of the sun with the promise of free wifi. How else could sun-worshippers be encouraged to protect themselves from harmful UV rays?