Family hotel employs child concierge to look after young guests

< 1 min read · 6 years ago



The family friendly Drayton Manor Hotel in Staffordshire recently employed the UK’s first ever child hotel concierge to answer the questions of young guests during last month’s half term break. Local schoolboy Noah Reeves-Walters was employed by the hotel, which is situated in the Drayton Manor theme park, to improve the customer experience of the many young guests.

Any concierge worth their salt can answer guests’ inquiries about breakfast times and the best place nearby to buy forgotten allergy tablets, but Reeves-Walters is uniquely placed to field queries about the best ice cream flavor in the park and which seat on the Stormforce 10 ride gets the best soaking. The hotel’s general manager Martin Wright employed Noah after being contacted by his family with the idea.

Could more places make use of their expert opinions of kids?


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