How Your Online Shop Can Take Advantage of Amazon Delays

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Have you heard about the Amazon shipping delays? COVID-19 is creating all sorts of opportunities for your e-commerce business right now. Here’s how to seize the day and rapidly accelerate sales during the Amazon slump.

 Even though consumer spending dropped by 16.4% in April, non-store retail sales have continued to grow by 8.4%. Suddenly, there are millions of people at home, and they’re choosing to spend online. The key factor in this equation is delivery time.  

Amazon, the speed-delivery king, has been faced with a number of challenges since the coronavirus outbreak. The virus has prompted the e-commerce giant to delay non-essential deliveries, by weeks – sometimes even a month. Consumers are turning to other online stores to meet their immediate nonessential shopping needs.

Here’s the scoop on why Amazon is delaying deliveries, along with 5 ways you can take advantage of this unique opportunity to source new business for your online shop.


Why Has Amazon Delayed Shipping Deliveries?

 Amazon built their entire empire on reliably fast deliveries. It’s how they earned 49% of the US e-commerce market and how they continue to grow. This year, the novel coronavirus forced them to make some difficult changes.

With online shopping and stock production impacted by social distancing and lockdowns, Amazon found itself facing wide scale product outages and mounting consumer demand. Essential products were prioritized, but this meant other products had to be delayed.    

In the background, Amazon’s employees have had to manage new hygiene protocols, social distancing on the job, and new work-from-home rules for a limited workforce. The idea that you can get anything you want on Amazon, delivered in a couple days, was shattered.

Amazon sellers also caused them trouble with price gouging, due to runaway demand for items like toilet paper, sanitizer and masks. Amidst delivery uncertainty, the e-retail goliath discouraged sales by announcing long delays. Even Amazon Prime users have to wait longer than 48 hours to get their items. It’s a brave new world of essentials-first on Amazon.

This has created an exceptional opportunity for your online shop. Now, you can lean in to your local market, and fill the space that Amazon has left empty. When the dust settles, some customers will stay with you. In the meantime, your sales will grow.


5 Ways to Leverage the Amazon Shipping Delays Today

The time is right to nab local customers looking for products that your e-commerce website provides. Demand for goods is at an all-time high, and people would rather order online than venture out to the store. Here are 5 ways to take advantage of the Amazon lag.


#1: Offer Consumers Faster Deliveries Any Way You Can

Delivery turnaround times matter! The modern consumer expects to get what they order from your online shop within a few days. If you can find a way to offer your customers faster delivery than Amazon, you can expect a boom in sales.

For very small eCommerce businesses, this may mean delivering to your immediate local area. Thousands of people live all around you! For companies with lots of stock, find a courier who will give you a good bulk deal. Amazon is out, fast and free is in. 


#2: Update Your Website with New Promos and Times

It’s a great time to update your eCommerce website design with fresh promos and deals and to advertise those lightning-fast shipping deliveries. If you want to increase your online sales, you need to let your customers know that you have what they need, right now. 

Consider updating the website banners on your site to promote your amazing rate of delivery. With 9 out of 10 consumers gravitating towards shops that offer free shipping, use this as your banner headline! Old Amazon customers want to know when their goods will arrive.  

#3: Invest in Targeted Social Media Ads for Local Buyers

With your online store website update, the next step is to invest some money in a set of targeted social media ads. Focus on the local markets that you can quickly reach. You will want to build a reputation as a fast, reliable e-commerce service. 

So many consumers are ready to discover new online retailers to buy from. Use your ‘fast delivery and free shipping’ ads to attract them to your website! Pick a few key product deals to entice your consumer and they’ll click to find out who you are.

#4: Hook Your Customers with a Loyalty Program

 When your traffic starts pouring in, your online shop will start to close those sales. Get all new customers to sign up for a loyalty program, by offering them a discount on their next purchase for being a first-time customer. You can email them the discount once they’ve signed up. 

A study revealed that 61% of small and medium-sized companies say that repeat customers make up more than half of their business sales. If you can convert these new customers into repeat buyers, then your company will enjoy exponential growth this year. 

#5: Go Viral With a Smart Local Referral Program

 To accelerate your sales, consider offering your new customers additional discounts, coupons or gifts for referring people they know to your website. A strong customer referral program is an excellent strategy to use to incentivize existing customers and amplify the reach of your sales message.

 You want as many people as possible to know that your online store delivery times are top-notch. That way your traffic and customer acquisition will increase, and you’ll have a wealth of customer data at your disposal to convert existing customers with future deals.

While Amazon prioritizes essential items and puts nonessentials on the back-burner, your small online shop can step in to seize some of their market share. If you do it quickly, and well – you will end up acquiring valuable customers that will shop from you for many years to come!

So, to seize this opportunity – offer consumers fast and free delivery in your local area. Ask your chosen eCommerce platform how to update banners if you are unsure. Invest in targeted social ads to attract traffic, and then keep them returning with a loyalty program. Finally, spread the message with customer referrals.


Take advantage of the Amazon shipping delays with these 5 tips today!