What The New Google Inbox Means for Today’s Marketer

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What The New Google Inbox Means for Todays Marketer image Google Inbox Screen Shot.pngWhat The New Google Inbox Means for Todays Marketer

Email bogs us all down. It is time consuming, has to be answered and can sometime bear bad news. Fortunately, Google, like in the past, is coming to the rescue by taking a sometimes painful task and making it a bit more enjoyable.

Inbox, the latest app released by Google, can be thought of as a personal assistant who sorts and groups emails into categories, reminds you when you need to respond to a message and gives you an overview of important information in the email to display on a home screen. Thus, making email less annoying.

Although Google Inbox is currently just available for beta (request invite by emailing inbox@google.com) and only for personal accounts, there are a few implications it will have on marketers in the future.  To understand what Inbox will mean for marketers in the future, you should first know its most important features:

  • Reminders, Assists and Snooze: Allows you to create tasks whether email related or not. If you need to respond to an email later, just hit snooze. It is the ultimate task manager.
  • Highlights: Documents, photos, itineraries, and events are highlighted on a home screen.
  • Bundles: An extension of the tabs released last year, bundles allow you to group similar emails like purchases.

With these Google Inbox features, marketers will need to consider the following:

Get Ideas from Pinterest

With the use of pins and also a more visually appealing home screen, marketers will want to deliver emails that include relevant, enticing images.  There is no guarantee Google will display the information in the highlight, but it is worth the effort.

Add Clear Call-to-Actions

If you are familiar with SEO best practices, you know that Google wants your web page to be easily crawlable. In other words, the page’s topic and purpose should be clear in headlines and titles. Similarly, Inbox will scan an email for important information, which means including a clear call-to-action will increase click-through rates.

Create Compelling Content

By now, most marketers know that it is important to create interesting and compelling content.  Like many big shifts in online marketing, Google Inbox emphasizes, more than ever, the importance of creating content that provides value to the recipient.

Create Relevant Content

When Google’s tabs were introduced, marketers who were already segmenting contacts and creating relevant content for emails weren’t impacted.  Likewise, Inbox will continue to favor those who avoid mass emails and, instead, tailor their content to their audience or buyer persona.

Inbox May Affect Open Rates

With less of a need to enter emails for information, open rates are likely to decrease. However, if you’ve done a good job of calling readers to take action, they will want to view your email to get what you have to offer.  Keep in mind, the click-through rate is ultimately your most important metric of email performance.

Considering the app won’t be release to the general public for probably a couple more months, marketers have time to test out the new app and discover the ways in which they can adapt their email marketing strategy.

Have you tried Inbox yet? Share your thoughts about it below.

What The New Google Inbox Means for Todays Marketer image 501989b8 12f8 405c 8c6e a7e5f0e325e4.png1 300x57What The New Google Inbox Means for Todays Marketer

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