Google Continues To Change And You Continue To Disappear

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Google holds the power and if you don’t hold the key, you could end up dropping a lot further down the rankings than you’d like – especially after the most recent ‘Pigeon’ update.

Pigeon, dubbed so by Search Engine Land, is not the official name for the update but as Google didn’t announce one, that is how it should be known. Although, the name isn’t important, the changes to the algorithm are.

‘Pigeon’ is both good and bad for local businesses in the sense that it is helping directories like Yelp to profit from higher rankings, but it could be damaging other local rankings. The important thing to think about though, is that with the continuing changes Google and other search engines make, that having a usable, search engine friendly website is becoming more and more important.

Gone are the days where you could buy a handful of links in Mandarin Chinese and sit pretty at the top of Google for any search term you wanted. And, gone are the days you could create a website in an hour and it goes straight to position 1, page 1.

Google Continues To Change And You Continue To Disappear image Meme 2Google Continues To Change And You Continue To Disappear

Google is constantly making sure that quality prevails, whether that is content, website usability, device-friendly or just generally not spamming Google to death, quantity is not necessarily the key.

This leads me onto making sure that you get it right on Google from the get-go. Google is extremely strict on its guidelines and it is not something that should be sniffed at. When rules are put in place, they’re there for a reason and when Google says there is over 200 factors that help a website rank well within its search engine, it means it.

There are a number of things you need to do to your website to put it in the best light to help it climb the dreaded Google tower and finding out what they all are could take you years. But, a large chunk of those factors are onsite. Onsite changes are important and should be given some serious focus. An SEO Audit will often look at the aspects of your website, like the content, the navigation and the Meta information. This will be able to point out the suggested changes and what you can do to improve how your website performs within search.

Ideally, getting this done at the start of your online venture would be perfect, but this isn’t always as easy as it sounds. But, it is better late than never.

So, if your business is fed up of the constant battle and headaches over how to conquer search, consider an onsite SEO Audit.

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