Get a mentor: A Business Rockstars Minute

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We are continuing our series of Business Rockstars Minute videos that are excellently presented by Ken Rutkowski. They cover a range of small business topics, especially for entrepreneurs, and give you a real quick start on the topic and are a great point for jumping off. We are going to run these regularly and we will try to provide a few options for more in depth exploration on your own afterward. We also recommend that you check out their daily live shows over at Business Rockstars as well. But most importantly, please let us know what you think in the comments. We want your feedback on how you like these and on future topics.

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of going it alone as you start your business venture. You are the only one who knows all aspects of your plans and of what you have done so far. You are the expert in your own business. But as Ken Rutkowski explains in the is Business Rockstars video, there are people who have been through all this before, who have experience you need. And you can get that experience and knowledge from them by persuading them to be a mentor to you as you start and run your business.

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