Football fans in India can get FIFA 15 today but it’s not entirely legal

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Arguably India’s largest video game release, FIFA 15 has found itself on the store shelves in the country almost a week prior to release thanks to street date breaks in the United Arab Emirates and parts of North America. Proof of the latter being that the copies consumers have managed to pick up are US copies.

FIFA15 early copy

Yes, that’s a copy of the game. With Fallout’s Pip-boy bobble head silently nodding.

Game stores in Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai were selling copies of EA’s latest footy fix for anywhere between INR 3,600 ($60) to INR 3,800 ($62.50). This is cheaper than the INR 4,000 ($66) that it costs on next-generation consoles. What’s interesting to note that the price of the game was the same regardless of platform. Usually here the last generation versions are priced cheaper than their Playstation 4 and Xbox One counterparts.

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“Everywhere in the world the price of the game is same on consoles. Be it PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, or Xbox One. We felt that why not offer the same to our customers?”, said one retailer on the condition of anonymity.

This newfound magnanimity is startling simply because the grey market in India is notorious for charging more than they should for most games. However it’s indicative of the volumes importers are looking to drive this time around. Considering the series’ long-standing popularity it’s no surprise that enterprising merchants want to cash in. It’s also indicative of the lack of faith in official distribution channels.

FIFA15 grey market

One retailer was kind enough to let me take a picture of the game and various formats he had it on.

“We are not confident that the game will make it here on time which is why we’ve decided to supply our customers with the game with unofficial imports instead of waiting on the official release date,” said a buyer for an independent game store.

There’s a question of legality as well. None of these copies are brought in officially or declared at customs. They’re usually smuggled in by passengers via hand carry luggage. This also means the Indian government is losing out on a lot of potential revenue thanks to smuggled FIFA 15 copies. Consumers don’t seem to mind since retailers are the ones at the receiving end of any legal action if anything were to arise.

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EA’s track record this year has been shoddy at best. UFC did not even make it over officially, and 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil was delayed by a full month. In the face of such treatment, most retailers feel forced to take such drastic steps.

While Milestone (EA’s official distributor in the region) is yet to comment, what’s certain is this: most of India’s football crazy fans would have got their copy of the game well before its release. Which puts a damper on the game’s midnight launch planned for later this week.

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The publisher will be making its 2014 releases such as The Sims 4, and FIFA 15 available via Origin and other digital storefronts only.

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The post Football fans in India can get FIFA 15 today but it’s not entirely legal appeared first on Games in Asia.

The post Football fans in India can get FIFA 15 today but it’s not entirely legal appeared first on Games in Asia.