New Facebook Login Changes and Your Business

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As you may have heard, this morning Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced some changes to Facebook Login that will formalize many of the best practices that both Facebook and Gigya had previously established. It has always been our duty to encourage and recommend that our customers only ask their users for the information that they really need in order to nurture genuine relationships with them and to create better on-site and in-app experiences.

New Facebook Login Changes and Your Business image Facebook Login f8 2014New Facebook Login Changes and Your Business

First and foremost: Gigya will handle all the complexities of integrating the new Facebook Login functionalities. As a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, we are committed to ensuring that our customers have optimal implementations that serve their business needs and create valuable user experiences. Gigya will support all new Facebook Login options and will work with our customers to ensure that the revamped Facebook Login flows are implemented well before the timeframe mandated by Facebook.

These modifications to Facebook Login, which include more granular permissions for data access, will help foster more transparency between your brand and your users by integrating a more intuitive authentication process.

We feel that the changes announced at Facebook’s F8 Conference today are a win-win for businesses and consumers. Users can exercise more control over the specific data points they share with businesses and gain a better sense of trust when they log in via Facebook on sites and apps. Businesses will benefit from this by seeing an increase in logins and ultimately be able to capture more permission-based data from users via Gigya.

As we’ve seen with our SocialPrivacy Certification Seal, users that understand what and how their data is accessed are more likely to log in socially. In that vein, we believe Facebook’s new permissions process will help increase social login adoption on your web properties and further establish your company as a trusted brand.

New Facebook Login Changes and Your Business image social privacy medNew Facebook Login Changes and Your Business

A More Authentic and Transparent Relationship

The announcement Facebook made today is all about trust and transparency. At Gigya, we firmly believe that first-party, permission-based data is integral to the future of marketing and better user interactions with brands. We’ve been championing increased transparency because we know that fostering trust with consumers is the best way to gain a better understanding of them. That’s why we launched our SocialPrivacy Certification for our customers in 2012 and have made it a point to go beyond Facebook’s requirements for data management through numerous compliance and governmental guidelines. It’s also why we are embracing the changes to Facebook Login today. This is a positive development for all Gigya customers and it’s good for consumers, too. By letting your users tell you who they are and by providing them with a better authentication experience, you will be able to form more valuable and authentic relationships with them.

If you need any more information about the changes to Facebook Login or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Implementation Manager.

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