A Hitchhikers Guide to Being a Digital Agency…Working in the Remote World

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Despite only being the wrong side of 35 today I was reminiscing with the marketing guys about my first role and the bank of five fax machines that we used to use to send ads off to 165 car dealers for approval. At the time these fax machines were state of the art, however a mobile phone was also the size of a size 9 shoe as well!

Fast forward 15 years and the thought of actually sharing oxygen in the same space as your colleagues is becoming old. Yes the dawn of being ‘location agnostic’ is upon us as ‘technology’ means you can pretty much work wherever you plonk your backside.

So this begs the question for a modern digital agency using every remote working tool known to man (Basecamp, Trello, Slack, the list goes on…we’re very organized), does being a digital agency mean you work in a physical place or you bring together a collective of expertise to deliver outstanding digital solutions for business?

We love WordPress and we’re pretty obsessed with following the path of Automattic (the people behind WordPress….as they say on their website). It’s their great belief that work is a thing you do, not a place that you are forced to visit everyday. Our obsession has led us to adopt hived approach, we have a hubs, in Leeds and London where we meet regularly and then we constantly collaborate through our project management. The benefits out weigh the negatives, we employ the best people (location not a factor), our team work until the job is done, they don’t have the frustrations of commuting and they’re generally much happier.

For someone who was conditioned to commute to the office every day this has been a revelation. Our teams are happier, we actually communicate more than people in an office and we achieve more without the limitations of being tied to the office. For the business we can constantly invest in improving how we deliver solutions for our clients as we’re not tied to massive overheads with glamorous offices (although our hub is pretty nice). So join the revolution and log on to your nearest wi-fi connection to start your working day!

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