Why Your Website Landing Page Is The First Impression

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Create A Website Landing Page That Stands Out From The Rest

Create A Website Landing Page That Stands Out From The Rest SusanGilbert.com

What is the first thing visitors see when they come to your website?

Hopefully it is a clear message that they understand and can act upon.

If it’s not, and you are wondering why you aren’t gaining new subscribers, then it’s time to re-evaluate your messaging and overall layout for the first impression it makes to your visitors.

When you are seeking to attract more traffic, the answer is rarely to ‘do advertising’. Evaluate the landing page (or homepage). It is the very first place to work on both from an SEO and marketing standpoint. Like meeting someone for the first time is the first impression your visitors will have, which will either turn them away or entice them to want to know more.

One of the most important factors is the speed of your website, and according to an article on E-consultancy almost half of visitors expect a website to load in two seconds or less.

Following this is the design and content of your landing page, which should get people’s attention as you appeal their interests and desires or pain points. If you’ve done the right target market research and this criteria is met in a way that stands out from the competition then the next step would be for your leads to subscribe and/or take action.

Once your website has generated interest in your product or service your visitors will be more inclined to find out what more your business has to offer. Here is a good example from one of my website clients, David G. Mercier, who has a well-defined and appealing landing page for his counseling practice:


A strong call-to-action will enable you to present an offer that your visitors cannot resist. It is well worth the extra time to create something that is professional, with eye-popping graphics, and a clear message like this landing page from Louise Myers:


When your landing page is ready to go spread your message even further by creating a content marketing campaign in a series of blog posts or just one article like what I had published here where you can include you offer. This can lead into other products such as an eBook, webinar, training program, ect. These can all be shared on social media, which continues to multiply your efforts and hard work.

As your business captures leads the final icing on your cake will be to thank your prospects with additional information that is beneficial to them. Several options can be used such as an internal page on your website, a custom thank you page in an email program such as Mailchimp, Aweber, Constant Contact or Infusionsoft, or a simple follow-up email that offers tips.

By taking the extra time to create a memorable landing page, your business will open the doors for more opportunities and subscribers to your website. Because your message is unique this should be reflected the same way so as to remain consistent with your brand message. There are many different examples to take a look at from your competitors as well, which can be a great source of inspiration.

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