A Concise History of Web Browsers [Infographic]

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Here I have an interesting infographic from the 64 bit web browser website called Waterfox about the history of the most popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.

The 1st ever internet browser was launched in 1990 by Sir Tim Berners-Lee and was called the WorldWideWeb. In 1994 the Netscape Navigator was released and quickly became the most popular browser accounting for 90% of web use. Microsoft responded in 1995 with the Internet Explorer which eventually went on to take over.

Back in the 90s logging on to the internet was a test in patience – You used to have to enter a username and password and then listen to the old dial up tone for ages. Thankfully today’s web browsers launch in a matter of seconds and if things keep going the way they are it could soon be split-seconds.

This infographic teaches us all about which browsers currently have the most market share, which browsers have the fastest cold start up time, the date when the various browsers were launched and the usage share statistics from 2009 all the way through to 2013. Enjoy and share!

A Concise History of Web Browsers [Infographic] image 1 web browsers b2cA Concise History of Web Browsers [Infographic]

Infographic by Waterfox

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