What is Common Core? [Infographic]

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Common Core standards are being adopted in most states, but what does that mean?  And what is this new math everyone is talking about?

Let’s start with Common Core.  Basically the idea is to get all the students in the United States on the same page with their learning.  So instead of reading being taught in kindergarten in one state and in first grade in another, all states will, in theory, teach the same things at the same time.  This makes  standardized testing easier and more relevant, as well as a better measure of who is accomplishing their teaching goals.

So now let’s talk about new math.  Math used to be based on rote memorization, but when you get into higher levels of math those skills don’t translate well into problem solving.  So new math teaches kids to conceptualize numbers differently, which can help them to be better problem solvers on down the line when they encounter calculus.

Check out this infographic for details on Common Core and new math.  Share it with your friends and join in the discussion.  Do you think these standards and techniques are helping or hurting?  Be sure to leave a comment and let us know!

What is Common Core? [Infographic] image common core2What is Common Core? [Infographic]

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