Collar device lets owners control dogs with their smartphone

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Dog training can take a lot of time and investment, and there’s no guarantee that the animals will respond to every beck and call. Pet-Remote aims to make communication less frustrating for both humans and their dogs, however, with a collar that vibrates to let the animals know what their owner wants.

The device takes the form of a small Bluetooth-enabled transmitter which is also equipped to vibrate or send out acoustic signals. Rather than giving spoken or gestural commands when training the dog, users can choose different settings for each action through the companion iPhone app. For example, the dog can be trained to sit as a reaction to a single vibration or sound, or to heel on two short bursts. The method isn’t uncomfortable for dogs in any way, and actually improves response rates due to the consistency of each command. The device can be pre-ordered now on Indiegogo from EUR 20. The video below shows the device in action:

Pet-Remote isn’t the first piece of tech to help dog owners manage their pet — we’ve already seen ideas such as Petzila enable them to feed and speak to their pets while they’re out of the house. Are there other ways that new technology can make pet owners’ lives easier?