Choosing the best web host for your business

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You’ve been thinking about it for a while, and you’re finally ready to take that big step and turn your passion into a business. Taking a hobby and turning it into a business venture can be intimidating but also rewarding and profitable.

Getting customers through the front door is important, and word of mouth can only get you so far. You also need to have a web presence to not only help create brand awareness, but spread word of mouth online as well. Without a website that’s easily shareable via Instagram, Facebook, Yelp or any one of the other social media outlets, you can’t really create that online word of mouth. Without that online buzz, no one will be able to find you, which will ultimately affect your bottom line.

But before you build your website, you need to find a web host. You can’t build up your online presence without the services of a reliable web host. But where do you go to find a web host web, and how do I find one that’s right for me and my business?

Your search starts and ends with Hosting by Yahoo Small Business.

But what’s a web host and how do I get one?

The web host provides the technology and infrastructure that every web page and website needs to be viewed, or even found online. There are many hosting providers out there, but how do you figure out which will offer the best value and fit for you and your business? First, you’re going to want a hosting service that can provide easy-to-use tools, with transparently-priced plans that offer the kinds of services you need. Your web host provider should be able to provide a seamless, scalable experience that can easily grow along with your business needs. Most importantly, you’re going to want a service that provides 24/7 customer support, to answer all your questions and get you the help you need, when you need it.

When you choose Hosting by Yahoo Small Business as your hosting provider, you can rest assured knowing your site will always be up and running, safe and secure, and ready to grow with you as your business flourishes. Hosting by Yahoo Small Business provides all the tools you need to get your company website up and running, and growing, the right way.

Not all web hosting sites are created equal

There are many low-cost hosting plans out there, and while it may seem like a savvy decision for your lean budget, some low-cost hosting services can end up costing you more than you’ll save in the long run. Many hosting sites lure you in with so-called “teaser rates” but may hide within the small print that you’re required to buy a two- or three-year plan to secure that low rate. Some providers may also offer a low promotional rate but when your renewal comes up, increase that rate several times more than your initial introductory rate.

Why pay more for something you already get, and without any extra features?

With Hosting by Yahoo Small Business, you always get high-quality performance, service, and reliability, with the promise to provide a safe and secure home for your business website that won’t dramatically increase in price after the first year.

How can we help you?

Got a question about your web page? Are you getting an error message but don’t know what it means? With Yahoo Small Business, you get a dedicated customer support team that’s ready to provide the help and support you may need, via phone or chat, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. You can also get answers from our community resource pages, as well as from our community of users.

Safe and secure

According to a 2018 report by security firm SiteLock, the average small business website was attacked 58 times a day, every day. With Hosting by Yahoo Small Business, you can count on the 24/7 monitoring needed to keep your server, website, and, most importantly, your customers safe from cyber attacks and other online intrusions.

Plus, all our web hosting packages include a SSL certificate, so the data shared between you and your customers, such as login credentials, credit card and banking information, legal documents and more are encrypted, preventing hackers from accessing this sensitive information. Also, having a SSL certificate can help rank you higher on Google search engine results, increasing your visibility to potential customers.

Bundle up

With Hosting by Yahoo Small Business, you’ll find our plans come bundled with the business-building tools and services you need for a great-looking website. And when you renew, everything in your plan stays in your plan. With Hosting by Yahoo Small Business, you’ll always get transparently-priced, value-driven plans that you can trust—day after day, year after year.

By comparison

The price of web hosting can vary, depending on the provider, even if they’re offering the same kinds of services. And when the time to renew your plan arrives, there’s no guarantee that your costs won’t unexpectedly increase, so how do you know which hosting provider offers the best value and plan for your business? 

Here’s how the Hosting by Yahoo Small Business Basic Plan compares with the GoDaddy Economy Plan:
[Image of GoDaddy vs Yahoo Here]

At first glance, the GoDaddy Economy Plan looks as if it gives you more value, over the Hosting by Yahoo Small Business Basic Plan. Yet when you renew the same hosting plan with GoDaddy, the price dramatically increases, while the same Yahoo Small Business plan stays at the same price, without losing any features you already enjoy.

There’s never been a better time to take your business to the next level. Visit Yahoo Small Business now to find a great plan at a better price.


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