How to Get Better Battery Life on iOS8 [Infographic]

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With the release of iOS8 just a few days ago, many users are clamouring to install the latest operating system. Although it is not as much of an upgrade as iOS7 was, it certainly provides enough features to justify the download.

Features like improved battery life, payment features, and enhanced photo editing software are all included. While spending time updating the phone, it is also a good time to do some housekeeping to remove old apps that are never used. Although many of Apple’s latest phones have included batteries that last much longer, it is still important to understand how to maximize battery life. This infographic from liGo will take a look at how to maximize the life expectancy of an iPhone using iOS8.

1. Battery Settings MenuIn the new iOS8, there are many new battery setting features that have been incorporated directly into the operating system. Through the battery settings menu, users can view how much battery power individual apps have been consuming. This can help to identify which apps are the culprits causing battery life to deteriorate. Through this menu, users can also change the settings for individual apps to reduce the amount of battery that they are consuming. Apps that appear to be using the most battery can even be disabled through this menu. Thanks to these new features, the guesswork involved with improving the battery life on Apple iPhones has been substantially reduced.

2. Check Battery Statistics

The latest operating system has also included analytics features to help users understand why battery life is being consumed. The features provide detailed breakdowns on the reasons for increases or decreases in overall battery consumption. This can make it easier to diagnose reasons why an iPhone is experiencing a short battery life. Since most iPhones available today are supposed to stay charged for more than a day, users who are experiencing results that are lower than these expectations should be sure to check the new statistics. Information is available for both the last 24 hours and the last seven days. All users should make sure that they browse through these statistics to ensure that battery life is being maximized.

3. Turn On App Updates

Although it may seem intuitive to disable app updates as a way to save battery life, the reality is that the opposite is generally true. This is because new app versions are often designed to consume less battery power. Especially with the latest iOS having been released just days ago, there will likely be a flood of these app updates in the coming days. Users should view these updates in a positive way, since they will most likely seek to minimize app power consumption to avoid being shut off by these new features. When downloading these new updates, users who are concerned about battery life should make sure that Wi-Fi is used when the updates are being downloaded. This will use less battery life than 3G or 4G, in addition to consuming less data.

4. Set Notifications to Manually Refresh

Users of iOS8 should make sure that they set all of their apps to manually refresh. Instead of messages persistently downloading in the background, users can merely check for updates when they are needed. Although this may be a bit more inconvenient, it will substantially reduce the amount of battery that is consumed while the phone is not being used. For individuals who are suffering with poor battery life, this can be a very effective solution to ensure battery longevity. Doing this can also avoid being interrupted by social apps that routinely provide updates that are unimportant. This setting can also be useful for the built-in email app, since this is a major source of battery consumption. Especially for individuals who use several different social media channels, this can be an effective way to substantially increase battery life.

How to Get Better Battery Life on iOS8 [Infographic] image OS8 InfographicHow to Get Better Battery Life on iOS8 [Infographic]

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