Facebook Notes are Getting an Update (Finally!)

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Back in the early days of Facebook and Blogging the Notes feature in Facebook was actually used quite a bit by many people.  Posting blogs, long-form updates and more.

However, over the past few years there has not been much about Notes, nor have many users been writing anything to Notes.  It was not a very attractive forum to post a blog and limited with who could view the Note.

Originally Notes were just a simple white page, with the ability to add a photo and the Note could be found in a separate section on the personal profile.  It never really caught on for many users.

That may be changing today and we may start to see more Notes and users may actually be interested in posting to Notes more frequently.

Facebook has announced they are rolling out an update to the Notes feature, making it “More beautiful and customizable.”  (Facebook Newsroom) Notes will be a way to write a longer post and share it with everyone, not just friends on Facebook.

Isaac Salier-Hellendag, User Interface Engineer at Facebook announced in the Facebook Newsroom blog that “with this update, you can add a cover photo that represents what your note is all about. You can caption and resize photos, and format your text into headers, quotes or bullets.”

Facebook has always been where people can share their thoughts and life events, Notes will be a better way to share and to share more information.

The update Notes will allow a better use and placement of images, as well as a better designed page with font and text options.  These tools look very similar to blog tools.

Facebook will begin rolling the new update out, so keep an eye on your own Notes section to see when it is available for you to use.

To see more on the new update and samples of the new layout visit the Facebook Newsroom post or head over to Facebook.com/Notes (or search “Notes” on mobile.)

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