How to Boost Marketing Efficiency By 85% with Strong Data

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B2B SaaS company, Intronis, recently reduced their data import process from seven steps to one step, resulting in an 85% boost in marketing efficiency. How did they do it? It all started with one man: Richard Delahaye, Digital Marketing Director at Intronis. Richard also oversees the Intronis marketing database, making sure that the data is clean, accurate and growing.

Intronis was seeking a user-friendly way of handling new, fresh data and moving it into Salesforce. With many different Lead scenarios, such as new, duplicate, or additional contact on a current account, specific steps were created to treat the data effectively in Salesforce.

Here’s how to be more efficient in marketing with strong data.

Check for CRM integration capabilities

It might sound straightforward, but when choosing a marketing automation platform, make sure it plays nicely with your existing CRM. While most platforms integrate well, it’s something you want to double check, as well as make sure it will connect in the future. By doing this, Intronis was able to seamlessly bring their new marketing data into Salesforce, whether it was new leads, contacts or accounts. This simplified the process. “We can confidently grab new data from various sources and upload it into Salesforce,” shares Richard, “And we don’t have to go through seven steps to make sure that the new data plays nice with the old data.” The ability to integrate marketing technology with your existing CRM is a huge efficiency booster.

Create a streamlined process for manual entry

Marketers and salespeople often manually enter data into Salesforce, which can result in duplicates. Intronis implemented technology to stop dupes at that level. When an Intronis employee manually adds a new lead, contact or account into Salesforce, an application in Salesforce suggests other records in the database that might be a good match, and makes sure they are entering a unique record, and not creating a duplicate. Now, the duplicate is recognized as they’re typing it into Salesforce, instead of having to go back and change it upon saving the record. With many records added daily, these little moments add up to big time savings.

Bring in new, clean data

Intronis was seeking new target companies for outreach, but stale data from buying lists or manual searching often resulted in old, outdated contact information, in addition to a lengthy research process. New data on target companies can be found by searching the web for similar organizations based on their target requirements. Intronis was able to find and bring in new, fresh contact data, and easily reach out to prospects from there. This stopped the madness of calling bad phone numbers or emailing incorrect addresses, giving Intronis employees many hours back in their day.

Read more about Intronis and their data experience with this case study.

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