The YouTube Video Marketing Myth

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As one of our partners recently exceeded 1 million views on YouTube, we all celebrated and took a moment to enjoy the success of this video marketing campaign. For Emma Newham of My Body Studios, the only objective was to create content that would be entered into a global competition, ultimately contributing in some way toward developing her online profile and generating positive PR for her business.

The brief was VERY simple, help Emma film a class in the most basic format. As competition criteria demanded a single fixed camera view, there was very little scope for creativity, thereby creating a level playing field for all entrants. In fact what created the chain of success for Emma was the quality of her performance and the fact that she worked her content much harder (and smarter) than most.

Emma was quick to harness the size and strength of her existing social network, reaching out for support, with a request to view her YouTube entry. Steadily her audience numbers increased and the result of the video marketing campaign rewarded her with a place in top three, alongside very credible competition. The hard work culminated in a genuine increase in her online global profile, not to mention sales of associated products.

BarreConcept Thread

Emma is recognised as one the leading instructors in her field and her business deservedly enjoys the rewards of not only this competition but several other video marketing activities, including a subscription based online video training platform. The road to 1 million views took three years to achieve and the video is now the highest ranking clip for searches of ‘Barre Concept’; exactly the phrase Emma wishes her business to be found for. She talks openly here about her approach to video marketing and why she chooses professional content:

1 million views may not sound many when you consider the likes of Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ recently topped YouTube’s ‘Top Ten’ hit list with over 2 Billion! Even Fenton the dog’s escapade around Richmond park has remarkably racked up over 12 million views! However, for a relatively small business based in the Northeast of England, to achieve this many views is actually an incredible result and testament to the necessity to ‘work your video content’ effectively.

The myth that YouTube marketing is ‘easy’ and that by simply having your own channel will bring online success is far from the reality. The truth is that over half of all videos have less than 500 views and only a third of 1% will achieve over 1 million views. Consider that over 300 hours of content is uploaded every minute and you have some perspective to the amount of videos floating around YouTube with very few views.

The only certainty is that (unless your name is Rihanna), in order to achieve success you must treat YouTube as only a single strand of your digital marketing activities. Professionally produced video content is a hugely powerful tool in your marketing arsenal, but remember there are many online channels and platforms; success will very rarely be attained by simply uploading your home-made content to YouTube and hoping for the best…

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