Five Advantages Savvy Marketers Gain From Consumer Management [Infographic]

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As Marketing increasingly becomes a data-driven discipline within the organization, the ability to centralize, synthesize and analyze fragmented data streams across an array of channels is critical. This is particularly important for brands that deliver customer experiences across a spectrum of channels from in-store and online to mobile apps and social networks.

While many companies have fallen for the myth that they need an army of data scientists to achieve this, many leading brands are realizing technology can do much of the heavy lifting and have turned to Consumer Management, a next-generation CRM platform designed specifically for Marketing and Customer Experience, to gain a holistic, sophisticated view of their customers.

Many brands today are unsure how to uncover specific data sets across their platforms; many organizations know they have the root information to identify their best customers, track lifetime value or xxx, but extracting this data which originates across dispersed systems like POS, ecommerce platforms, mobile applications and social networks is an incredibly daunting task to achieve internally.

The key is finding integration hub that capture and manage an organization’s data inputs across a spectrum of diversified sources to centralize, synthesize and ultimately analyze. Once centralized and synthesized, this data can then be analyzed to gain multidimensional understanding of consumer shopping behaviors, purchase triggers, channel activity and brand attitudes to finally achieve the promise of genuine omnichannel visibility and interaction. This allows the brand to first construct robust customer segments based on understanding where consumers interact, what they do, who they are, where to engage them and ultimately how to motivate them.

These elements allow the brand to design specific, targeted, consistent communication strategies focused on relevancy to motivate consumers, engage shoppers, retain customers and cultivate evangelists.

Here is a review of five major customer advantages Consumer Management delivers to today’s savvy Marketer.

Five Consumer Management Marketing Benefits

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