Don’t Let Those Abandoned Shopping Carts Roll Away

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As a marketer, we’ve all encountered it. As a shopper, we’ve all done it. Abandoning a shopping cart online has become an integrated part of life. There’s a million reasons why we do it, from unexpected prices to not having the intention to purchase in the first place.

According to a recent study by Listrak, over 75% of carts are left abandoned. That’s a lot of potential sales if you ask me. So before we discuss how to get people back to their shopping carts, let’s take a quick look at some tricks on lowering your abandoned shopping cart percentage.

Why Are People Abandoning Their Carts?!?!

Keep It Simple

As with anything online these days, people want quick transactions. If you’ve got a list of questions to answer and forms to fill out, chances are people are going to hit the road. Keep it simple and quick.

Unexpected Prices

The biggest reason is most likely due to unexpected check out prices. Be straight forward with your customers from the start and let them know all expenses they will be paying for. If they go through the entire process only to be hit with a huge, hidden shipping fee at the end, chances are they are not only going to leave, but are sure to not come back.

Registration Causes Frustration

Look, not everyone who does business with you wants their inbox filled with all your specials. Providing your customers the option to checkout as a “guest” will separate those who want email notifications and alerts from those who don’t.

Payment Options

There’s tons of different paying options out there today, from Pay Pal to different credit card companies. If someone wants to make a purchase but don’t have the option to use their payment preference, say goodbye to that customer. What’s even worse is they will probably go make the same purchase from a competitor of yours that offers their preferred source of payment.

How To Reel Them Back In

Now that we’ve limited your abandoned carts, let’s take a look at some tricks to win back the hearts of those who did abandon their cart.

Friendly Reminder

One of the best ways to get people back to their cart is by sending them a friendly reminder. Whether it’s from a mobile app or an email, a quick reminder that their cart is full and their products are still there can go a long way. It’s best to set a schedule on these reminders. If you’re sending one every day, you’re going to annoy that person, so limit the amount of reminders you send out.


Another great strategy is by offering a discount on the items the customer has in their cart. Perhaps they were just comparing prices and found a similar product at a lower price. By sending them a discount, it could put you ahead of the competition and reel them back in.

So as you can see, an abandoned shopping cart isn’t a lost cause. You basically had your customer to the finishing line and they ran out of gas. It’s your responsibility to get them back in the race and help them cross the finish line.

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