8 Benefits That Come With Starting Your Own Facebook Group Page

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Are you a part of a Facebook Group Page? With over 1.25 billion users, Facebook is the powerhouse of the social networks, but interacting with a large audience on Facebook isn’t as easy as it sounds. Few brands ever get to interact with 1% of Facebook’s users. When put into perspective, the millions of likes some Facebook pages accrued sounds minuscule compared to the number of active users on the platform.

However, having millions of likes doesn’t guarantee success on Facebook. Although the audience size is important, it’s not the only factor. How you interact with that audience and build a community with the people in your audience is just as important (if not more important) as having the large audience. Out of all of the methods of growing a Facebook audience, creating your own Facebook Group Page is the most underrated way to grow an audience that matters for your brand. If you don’t have a Facebook Group Page already, here are 8 benefits that you should think about when making the decision of whether to create your own Facebook Group Page or not.

#1: Build A Community Of Likeminded People

When you create a Facebook Group Page in your niche, people in your niche will be attracted to that Facebook Group Page. In the beginning, it may be difficult to get many people to know about the group, but as your Facebook Group Page grows in membership, you will start to build a community of people who actively engage with one another. Some people may go back on Facebook just to see the activity in the Group Page.

When all of these people interact with each other in a meaningful way, and you occasionally become a part of conversations, these people will be appreciative of you making this entire experience possible. This will translate to a better reputation for your brand and potentially more product sales.

#2: More Exposure

When you create your own Facebook Group Page, you are in full control over what is allowed and not allowed to end up on the Facebook Group Page. Moreover, you can post anything you desire on this Facebook Group Page, but anything irrelevant will hurt the community and anything inappropriate will taint your reputation as a whole.

You can use your Facebook Group Page as a platform to promote your blog posts, YouTube videos, landing pages, and products. You don’t want to over-promote on this Facebook Group Page because the members in the community will get sick of it. It is important to remember that the community can communicate via other Facebook Group Pages and other methods. If you want members to stick around, but you also want to promote your stuff on occasion, only do self-promotion 1-2 times per month and spend most of the time interacting in the Facebook Group Page in a non-self-promotional manner. You can also pin a self-promotional post to the top of the Facebook Group Page, but only if it is relevant and not over-promotional.

#3: Incentive For People To Buy Your Training Courses

Many of the top leaders have a habit of over-delivering so potential customers are more likely to buy their products. If you create a training course or a product of any kind, you can offer exclusive access to one of your Facebook Group Pages that is only given to people who buy your particular product. You get more product sales, and since the people in this Facebook Group Page are paying customers, they will take the Group Page more seriously (they paid for access), and they may buy your other products in the future.

#4: People Spend A Lot Of Time On Facebook

Out of all of the social networks on the web, Facebook gets most of our time. What is initially a way to see what’s new with our friends turns into an endless journey that consists of hours of reading other people’s posts and watching videos. The great thing about Facebook’s addictiveness is that people will scroll through their home feeds, and they may come across one of the posts from your Group Page.

When someone comes across a post from your Group Page on the home feed, that post doesn’t have to necessarily be a post that you published. If another member posts something to your Group Page, people will see that post (and your Group Page) on their home feeds. Being seen often builds brand recognition and trust. If you see the same Group Page often, and it seems interesting, then you will want a piece of the action. What may initially start out with a few likes for certain posts will turn into comments, and that will eventually lead to new posts on the Group Page.

#5: Friends Will Give Access To Their Friends

If you give your friends permission to give access to the Facebook Group Page to their friends, then the membership of your Facebook Group Page will grow. Not only will membership grow, but many of the new members would be people interested in your niche. How do I know this? It’s based on the way we communicate with one another.

People like to help their friends in part because of the friends’ reactions and the feeling of self-gratitude that goes along for the ride. People like to add relevant topics to conversations and make good recommendations that are relevant to another person’s interests. If your friend writes music, are you going to send that friend an invite to a Group Page about computers? What are the chances of that friend accepting that request? What would it do to the friendship if you send this friend multiple emails inviting them to join various Group Pages about computers (probably little to nothing, but many people assume the worst)?

Instead of sending an email blast to all of your friends about the computer Facebook Group Page you are a part of, you may only send the email to a few of your friends who are interested in that area. Then, you can have meaningful conversations with your friends about computers, and those conversations may turn into posts on the actual group page.

The main point is that when friends give access of your Facebook Group Page to their friends, most of the friends with newly given access will be interested in your Facebook Group Page’s topic.

#6: Get New Blog Post And Product Ideas

When your members interact with one another, you will start to get an idea of common questions your members have and what they appreciate. The content you post to the Facebook Group Page about one area of your expertise may get more likes and comments than the content you post to the Facebook Group Page about a different area of your expertise. Your readers may also post comments about your content that inspires your next blog post idea. Every relevant post and comment that goes on your Facebook Group Page can be the inspiration for your next blog post or product.

#7: Leadership Role

When you create your own Facebook Group Page, you are in essence the leader of that Group Page. You control what gets posted, create the rules, and provide your members with an empowering environment. If you do a good job at your leadership role in your Facebook Group Page, you will gain more respect from your members, and that respect will translate into your brand’s growth.

#8: Loyal Fan Base

The members who post and comment in your Facebook Group Page often form your loyal fan base. Having a loyal fan base is essential to the growth of your brand and spreading your message far and wide. The messenger can only do so much alone, but when the messenger has helpers, that messenger’s message will spread. Having a thriving Facebook Group Page is one way to get the helpers who will spread your message for free.

In Conclusion

If you do not have your own Facebook Group Page, then you are not tapping into the full power of the most popular social network on the web. Facebook Group Pages allow you to build meaningful communities of individuals interested in your niche, and as your reputation grows, these people may buy your products as the relationship builds.

What are your thoughts on starting a Facebook Group Page? Do you have any tips on getting more members on a Facebook Group Page? Please share your thoughts and advice below.

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