How to Attract Talent: 3 Steps

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How to attract talent

Are outdated definitions, recruitment processes and management styles pushing talent away from your organisation? Here are three ways to identify and engage talent.

What is talent?

Many organisations define talent as complying with the rules, being well organised, and having good time-keeping. The truth is that these qualities are nothing special; most people are able to work quickly and within guidelines, to keep their head down and avoid trouble.

Real talent lies in the ability to think creatively and solve problems, and those who can do this may not in fact have good organisational and time management skills.

You need to ask yourself whether you have the courage to take on those who work differently from what you’re used to. It could result in ideas you’d never thought of before, more effective ways of doing things and, above all, exceeding your goals.

The question is, which would you rather have; a brilliant idea or a tidy desk?

Roles that attract talent

Are your job advertisements stuffed full of specific tasks? If so, you could be missing out on the most talented individuals, those who are drawn to roles that call for them to come up with new ideas, and devise better processes. Specifying every individual task could repel those with vision and inspiration.

Engaging the most able candidates with your job roles also means setting motivational objectives. While numerical targets are essential in some roles, don’t forget to encourage the innovative behaviour that will result in the achievement of those targets.

Talent-friendly management

Those in charge often use the wrong balance of management and leadership, exerting tight managerial control over team members, without leading and inspiring them to reach their potential.

This often results in any talent that enters the organisation being quickly snuffed out. For talent to thrive, a degree of freedom and flexibility is needed. Effective leaders need to be able to nurture talent by encouraging creative ways of reaching objectives, rather than just ticking boxes and handing out deadlines. Without this, gifted individuals won’t stay with you for long.

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