Appreciate Your Co-Workers

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Appreciate Your Co Workers image 3508993996 868bc4c212 m.jpgAppreciate Your Co WorkersWhen I was in college, I was tasked somehow with putting together some posters. I have no recollection of what they were nor how on earth I was put in charge of such a creative task. The results were ghastly. Let’s just say I managed to mess up a stick figure. More recently, I posted a picture to Instagram and a friend of mine said he was going to buy me photography lessons.

I have made peace with the fact that where the visual arts are concerned, my efforts are very disconcerting. Since I’m in the marketing and communications industry, this handicap could be a serious detriment for me. Luckily, however, I work with very talented people who can take my broad concept and somehow make them look really beautiful. Indeed, everyone in our agency brings strengths to the table as well as weaknesses (hey, nobody is perfect). All of our strengths and weaknesses mixed together is what makes us work well as a team, which benefits our clients.

There is always a lot of talk about how bosses should show appreciation for their employees. Appreciation motivates people to work harder. It creates a better environment and makes people want to continue to impress the higher-ups. I think appreciating your co-workers is just as important, if not even more important. A boss may or may not be in the trenches with you, but your co-workers always are. Effective communication with your boss is ideal, but in order to get your work done, effective communication with your co-workers is essential. Recognizing the strengths in your co-workers can help ease your mind about any weaknesses, perceived or real, that you bring to the group.

Unfortunately, the tendency is to get competitive with your co-workers. You’ve probably heard the phrase “thrown under the bus.” Maybe it’s happened to you. Maybe you even threw someone else under the bus. There are all kinds of reasons we contribute to this kind of toxic environment. Perhaps the leadership creates an atmosphere where everyone feels they need to be flawless. This can create tension which can in turn make regular professional competition far more volatile. A negative relationship with your co-workers can even result in sabotaging each others’ work. You can’t get much more negative than that.

Much like soldiers in the army, you and your co-workers need to be able to work together so that your work can run through its processes like a well-oiled machine. Rather than competing against your co-workers, it is in your best interest to take a “no man left behind” approach. Support each other when times are tough and congratulate each other on your victories. You have the best understanding of the challenges under which your co-workers are working, and therefore you are in the best possible position to lend a hand, offer guidance (gently), and offer praise when your co-worker does something great.

Do you appreciate your co-workers? Do they know that you appreciate them? Today might be a good day to let them know.

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