10 Notes from Apple’s Apple Watch Keynote Address

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Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage today in San Francisco to reveal the final pieces of information about Apple Watch, that he officially announced in September, 2014. Apple Watch was not the only bit of news released today, however, as Cook began his speech with a new MacBook, ResearchKit and HBO NOW (for AppleTV).

1. Still The Best

Apple is everywhere! With 700 million iPhones sold since 2007, Apple is the clear leader in the smartphone market. And iPhone 6 and 6 Plus seem to be the cream of the crop, because the two devices have a combined 99% satisfaction rate.

2. Apple Pay Continues to Grow

The service, which debuted late last year, is accepted at nearly 700,000 locations and is available with over 2500 banks. Apple Pay makes Apple and iOS easier and more dynamic, with sales trending higher and higher.

3. HBO without Cable

Available exclusively on Apple TV, HBO NOW will be a streaming only service available for only $14.99 per month

4. ResearchKit

Your own personal medical tool, like StarTrek come to life. Not much to worry about here as the layman, but developers will now have the ability to design products specifially for medical breakthroughs using iPhones. Examples included touch testing as well as voice recognition for Parkinson’s disease patients.

5. The Lightest MacBook Ever

In addition to the standard imporvements, the new MacBook will come in Silver, Gold and Space Gray and only weigh 2 pounds! It will debut 24% thinner than an 11-inch MacBook Air and has an all new keyboard. Apple continues to impress with their Macs, and this new addition looks to be one of the best.

6. Apple Watch

“The most personal Apple device ever” will come in 3 styles and will range in price from $249 – $10,000. The watches are incredibly customizable, from the bands to the backgrounds/faces of each, and will undoubtedly be yours.

7. Apple Watch Alerts

When you receive a notification, or message, the Taptic Engine within the watch will alert you with a vibration, or “gentle tap.” Apple Watch can notify you without an audible noise and will allow you to answer a call or respond to a message all from your wrist.

8. Apple Watch Fitness

Not only can Apple Watch track your activity, but it can remind you to remain active. It can periodically send you friendly tap reminders to get up from your desk and walk around.

9. Apple Watch has Apple Pay

The easiest digital wallet ever is now available from your wrist! Make payments from Apple Watch, but also call an Uber and view your Boarding Pass!

10. Apple Watch App and Battery Life

The battery will last up to 18 hours! And the app will allow you to learn more about Apple Watch, without having to go in-store.

Apple continues to impress, with innovations that are lighter, better and faster than anything before. It is not easy being the industry leader, but products like these are easy to rally around and are impressive feats. Apple Watch will be available for pre-order April 10th, with full release coming April 24th. I know what I’m doing with my tax return.

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