4 Ways To Strengthen Your Client Relationships

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4 Ways to Strengthen Your Client Relationships

After a “Comcastic” service debacle, Marty taught us what not to do with customer service. Then Michelle taught us how we can handle difficult clients so both sides win. This got me thinking: what else can you do to give clients the best experience possible?

The answer wasn’t too hard to find, since we’re all about providing great service. I just asked a few of our client-facing team members for their best advice.

1. Listen To Your Clients

Account Manager Rachel Pennington says to find out what your client’s needs are first. Then cater your communication to them. “Let them tell you what they need.” Don’t tell them what you think they need or sell based on what you want.

I have to agree with Rachel. Listening is the best thing you can do. All anyone wants is to be heard. Listening shows that you care. And “letting it out” will have a calming effect on the client. Hear them out, and never brush them off That’s when stuff hits the fan, and you have a bigger problem on your hands.

2. Care About Their Needs

Get to know your clients so you can personalize your communication with them. Show an interest in who they are and what they need, not just their relationship with your product.

Jason Cooper, account manager, likes to take a personal approach. “I actually care about my customers, and I want to serve as a liaison between them and the company.” He asks questions and shows a genuine interest in his clients’ lives. That’s why they’ve invited him to local events like the NDH Bash.

3. Check Your Attitude At The Door

What makes service amazing, to me, is a positive attitude. One of my favorite boutiques is in Georgia, so I deal with them virtually. Whenever I have a return or exchange, I do it on the phone. Not because I can’t do it online or by mail. But the girls who answer the phone are always in a great mood. It makes talking to them fun and less like a chore.

Never underestimate the value of being nice. A friendly demeanor puts people at ease, and it puts them at ease when working with you. Here’s what Maurice Gattis, account manager, has to say about the power of positivity:

“I’m a relatable person, and I can adapt to different people and their personalities. I know how to match their tone, and compliment their personality. That way, they feel comfortable. If people feel comfortable with you, they buy.”

Sometimes being nice isn’t enough to keep a client from getting upset. Our Business Development Rep, Maura Valentin, says, “Customers can be frustrating sometimes. But no matter what you’re feeling or thinking, just put on a friendly face.” So keep your opinions to yourself, and remember to be nice.

4. Provide Service With A Smile

There’s something to be said about “service with a smile.” If you deal with clients face-to-face, do it with a big smile. Even if you’re faking it, a smile is contagious. Remember, “you’re never fully dressed without a smile!”

How do you put smiles on your clients’ faces? Leave your best tips in the comments below.

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