How To Add YouTube Videos To Your Linkedin Profile

2 min read · 9 years ago


For a long time I’ve been frustrated with the lack of video integration on Linkedin but in the last six months Linkedin has made major strides to make video a larger part of the experience with the introduction of Linkedin Video Ads but more importantly a new feature they are rolling out with the ability to add rich media including video to your individual profile pages. Previously users needed to do this through a Google Presentation or a Slideshare account which frequently didn’t work properly and was difficult to set up.So I’m excited to see Linkedin get rid of applications add the rich media feature.

To add videos and other forms of rich media to your Linkedin Profile:

  1. Move your cursor over Profile at the top of your homepage and select Edit.
  2. Scroll down to the section you want to add content to and click the add media icon. The icon is a square with a plus sign, and when you move your cursor over it, it reads, “Add a link to a video, image, document, presentation…”.
  3. Type or paste the link to your content into the Add a link field that appears. A picture of your content will then display with pre-filled Title and Description fields. You can then edit this to something more appropriate.

Check out the video below from NetBiz Media for a step by step guide.

The new profile design and rich media functionality are being rolled out over the next couple months but you can see how this looks and connect with me on Linkedin here.

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