A Secure Small Business: Tools and Techniques to keep your small business safe and productive

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Presented by ADT

us TODAY, Thursday, April 30th at 1PM PST/4PM EST for a LIVE chat with Reggie
Baumgardner.  Reggie Baumgarder is a Senior
Corporate Security Director with
experience in corporate security, airport security and was a Special
Agent with the FBI.

topic for the Live Chat will be ‘A secure small business: Tools and techniques
that can keep your small business safe and productive.
’ The Chat will last an hour and most of
the time will be taken up with live questions and answers with the audience.
The chat will be hosted live right here, so bookmark this page and come back on
April 30th.

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Baumgardner is a security expert with a record of success in a diverse range of
industries, developing and leading highly effective security departments. He
has expertise in analyzing and interpreting complex information to identify,
mitigate and eliminate security vulnerabilities. He is a champion of creating
enhanced security processes and procedures that comply with local, state and federal
mandates which also contribute to maximized protection of company assets. He has expertise in creating and implementing effective crisis-management,
training, personnel development, and operational security programs.