60 Second CEO: Mark Verge of Westside Rentals

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Ken Rutkowski of Business
rapid fire interviews entrepreneurial CEOs in one minute for the
series The 60 Second CEO.

Here’s Mark Verge, owner and founder of Westside Rentals.

KR: This is 60 Second CEO with Mark Verge. Who’s your favorite entrepreneur?

MV: Tony Hsieh.

KR: Boxers or briefs?

MV: Boxers.

KR: Someone is very disruptive in your company but they do a great job. Keep them or fire them?

MV: Looose them. Nicely. Hug them out.

KR: [Laughs]. How many hours a night do you sleep?

MV: Mmmm. Eight.

KR: Do you work weekends?

MV: Yes.

KR: Television: Game of Thrones, House of Lies or Housewives of Atlanta?

MV: None. Not even close. Never watched or even heard of all three of those. [Chuckles]

KR: Alright, what’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

MV: First thing I do? Uh make coffee.

KR:Uh, superheroes. Iron Man, Superman or Spiderman?

MV: Spiderman!

KR: Spiderman. Describe yourself in one word.

MV: Loud.

KR: On a scale of one to ten, how weird are you?

MV: Mmm. [shrugs] Two.

KR: Two?1 That’s the lowest ever of anybody on the show. What’s your biggest achievement?

MV: Mmm. Family. Wife, kids.

KR: Alright. Favorite animal?

MV: Ohh. How can you say that? You’re killing me. I’m a horse, dog, cat lover. No can’t answer that. All. All.

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