60 Second CEO: Jonathan Kessler, CEO of Cargomatic

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Ken Rutkowski of Business Rockstars rapid fire interviews all kinds of CEOs in one minute for the series The 60 Second CEO.

Here’s the interview with Jonathan Kessler, CEO of Cargomatic.

KR: Who’s your favorite entrepreneur?

JK: Gotta be Elon.

KR: Elon Musk.

JK: Has to be.

KR: What’s your favorite animal?

JK: A dog.

KR: On a scale of one to ten how weird are you?

JK: Eight and a half.

KR: Eight and a half (laughs). On the weekends what do you do that’s not work?

JK: I run and I swim.

KR: What do you do right before you go to bed?

JK: Usually watch a documentary.

KR: How many hours of sleep do you get a night?

JK: Oof. Five, six.

KR:  What one word describes you?

JK:  Umm. Driven.

KR:  What is your biggest failure?

JK:  (long pause)Umm. My biggest failure…not appreciating the moments when they happen and not being happy when I’ve had successes.

KR: What is your biggest achievement?

JK: My biggest achievement is my group of friends and my community.

KR: What is your favorite TV show?

JK: Deadliest (buzzer sounds) Catch.