50 Amazing Facts About Nepal

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50 Amazing Facts About Nepal image 50 amazing facts about nepal50 Amazing Facts About Nepal

The Nepalese people have a unique culture of its own, and people in other countries can quail about their own culture compared to how dynamic the Nepal’s is. You can go to Nepal and experience each tiny detail of its wonderful landscape and take part into down the core of the legend of an abominable snowman and still feel like you’ve never been in the country that much. It’s probably because you’ve learned nothing real about the country, you have no facts, you have no understanding of its geographical truth.

This infographic answers that and contains all the basic facts about Nepal, including the population rate, the population’s most famous religion, when the country got its independence from monarchy and so much more. You’d be surprised how much facts you can learn about Nepal, considering no one’s ever interested in studying stuff less entertaining than an episode of Game of Thrones. Read this infographic to understand Nepal’s world. Or read this to know how you can help the people in Nepal who are egging a living out of a dollar a day. You’ve been with your expensive Starbucks coffee all these days, and really, do you need that coffee so much that you’d rather forget maybe donating that amount to helping Nepal grow?


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