5 Mobile Predictions For Small Businesses To Watch In 2014

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5 Mobile Predictions For Small Businesses To Watch In 2014 image shutterstock 1365529945 Mobile Predictions For Small Businesses To Watch In 20142013 was the year that mobile reached the tipping point in terms of digital marketing priority for small businesses. Strategies targeted towards desktop users are still quite relevant, but new initiatives should now ideally be “mobile first.” The continued migration of users to mobile devices shows no signs of stopping, and the trend lines show that the future of digital marketing will be mainly mobile. Accordingly, here are five safe, non-controversial predictions about things to watch and take advantage of in the increasingly mobile world of 2014.

1. More mobile searching

Now that a majority of searches are coming from mobile users in many contexts and on many platforms, small businesses have to cater to those users to avoid falling off the digital map. This means that a mobile-optimized website is a must, but also means that mobile ads will continue to hit more eyeballs and lead to better returns.

These points are especially important for small businesses, because a large percentage of mobile searches are for local businesses – more than desktop searches, certainly. Small businesses that are mobile-friendly are capturing prospects that are, more often than not, ready to come in for a local visit and spend some dough.

2. Bigger demand for mobile video

A great way to drive engagement and conversions with mobile users is to create video. Video represents a huge percentage of mobile traffic, and not just because the files are so large – video is fun! Use video on your website and social media accounts, and you’ll deepen the relationship with customers and draw in prospects.

3. More consumers shopping via mobile

Users have made the jump to shopping via mobile devices, especially tablets. If your app doesn’t offer mobile shopping, you’re almost certainly missing out on revenue. You don’t have to do it today, but put it on your to-do list: incorporate mobile shopping in 2014. Your bottom line will thank you!

4. Growing comfort with mobile payments

In-person mobile payments have replaced credit cards at a lot of leading retailers and businesses (Starbucks, Walgreens), and eventually, small businesses will need to follow suit. This change will likely take place over a long period of time, but don’t be surprised if customers in 2014 start to ask whether you have a mobile payment option. Carrying cash has declined markedly over the years in favor of credit cards. But no payment method is exempt from the forces of technological advancement, and many users are now looking to skip plastic and tap payments out on mobile devices.

5. A wealth of geolocation apps

Checking in was only the beginning. Now, loads of apps are providing inventive ways for users to find new businesses and events, provide social referrals, have fun with enhanced reality games, and more. The upshot for small businesses will be to make the greatest use of the newest geolocation-enabled apps so that, wherever users are in the mobileverse, there’s a chance that your business will pop up for them.

Mobile presents more opportunities than ever before. If you want cost-effective revenue growth, mobile is the way to do it.

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