5 Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Digital Face

2 min read · 7 years ago


Huzzah created a digital app for Florida landscaping business Blade Runners

You know, you've heard it before: without a digital footprint your business is losing out to the competition. But you just don't have the time, let alone the money, to make it happen. What if someone showed you a few cheap and easy ways to improve your digital existence? Huzzah Media, a provider of innovative digital solutions for small businesses, offers this checklist for using digital media to move inventory:

1. Start with Your Website: You have one, but you haven't updated it in a year or more, right? Create a calendar of content ideas that solve your customers' problems and answer their questions, and commit to posting one every other week. That's all it takes to stay fresh, and "content" need not be an essay. It could be a photo with a caption, a question with an answer, or a link to a relevant article elsewhere online.

2. Show Up in Searches: Great search engine rankings don't just help you reach your customers, they offer insights about how customers are finding you and what other stores or terms they were looking for when they found you. Yahoo offers tips for getting listed in search engines and promoting your site, and both Yahoo analytics and Google analytics will help you understand traffic patterns to your Website.

3. Reward Loyalty: Drive repeat business and reward your most loyal customers by integrating a rewards program. A digital rewards platform like the one Huzzah offers can help you better compete with larger businesses and create increased enthusiasm among customers.

4. Be Social. Establish and maintain key social network platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Customers want to engage with brands beyond where they are being sold to, so social media is a great way to stay engaged and show your store’s personality. But be sure to keep your social pages updated. Nothing says "stale" like a restaurant menu on Facebook that hasn't been updated since 2012.

5. Apps Can Be Easy: Building your own app might sound overwhelming, but several new tools provide out-of-the-box solutions. You can use an app to let your customers know about discounts, deals, and exclusive offers or to track and send invoices and do business on the go. And don't think your business is too small for an app. Even landscapers are using apps now to let customers schedule appointments, cash in on deals and coupons, and message the guy on the mower — all from a mobile phone.